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  Product Description: triangle with a compass protractor is a set of traditional drawing tools, a ruler, a protractor and compasses triangle as one of the four, and the four functions completely dissolve, various functions of automatic generation is used, and play the new role of drawing tools. It can not only intuitively, comprehensively and correctly understand and memorize relevant concepts and definitions, but also improve the quality of drawing and the efficiency of drawing. Easy to carry, is the ideal tool for primary and secondary school students to learn and draw. Product features: 1, has the function of angle protractor. 2, with the function of drawing circles. 3, with the function of a ruler. 4, with the function of the triangle board. 5, with the ruler and circle after the function. 6, with the ruler and the protractor with the function of angle. 7, and with the function of angle protractor. 8, with angle protractor, circle, ruler with the function